Russian Federation demands immediate return of diplomatic property from US


Russian Federation demands immediate return of diplomatic property from US

In December 2016, Washington imposed a number of restrictive measures on Russia over Moscow's alleged meddling in the USA presidential election, including sanctions against several Russian individuals and entities, as well as the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and the closure of two Russian diplomatic compounds in the United States.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov is expected to meet with US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon in Washington later Monday to discuss the diplomatic compounds.

Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry asserted was prepared to banish American diplomats if the U.S.does do not undo its decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats and block access to Russian diplomatic estates.Russia has threatened to respond in kind but has also said it appreciates the 'difficult internal political situation.

He said Moscow was using the compounds for "intelligence-related purposes".

He declined to discuss what steps Russian Federation would take if the meeting between Ryabkov and Shannon failed to resolve the row.

However, hopes that Mr Trump will soon act on his campaign pledges to boost relations have faded as any ties to Moscow have become toxic.

Mr Obama said he was ordering the ban due to U.S. intelligence reports of Russian hacking and an alleged influence campaign to sway the USA presidential election in Mr Trump's favour.

FBI is investigating contacts between his campaign and Russia, Trump is moving toward returning the compounds.

Lavrov, speaking during a visit to Belarus, said that what he called US attempts to set preconditions amounted to "daylight robbery".

He also said the "anti-Russian feeling" in the United States is making it more hard for the two countries to agree on key global issues, Reuters reported.

Peskov said Russian President Vladimir Putin, blamed by the USA intelligence community for personally ordering the US election interference, "quite unambiguously" raised the issue of the closure of the compounds when he met with Trump at the recent G-20 summit in Germany.



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