PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' next update to add a mess of themed skins


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' next update to add a mess of themed skins

"Keys for a Gamescom Invitational Crate purchased on the Steam Community Market will still be available to purchase in-game". (PlayerUnknown says that will be before the end of 2017.) But PlayerUnknown's Steam update yesterday seemed to go back on that: "On August 3rd, we will be launching three new crates".

Images of the Battle Royale movie-inspired costumes, as well as which crates they will appear in, have been released. It's one of the better ways to do it in games, they're cosmetic only so there's no interference in gameplay.

Gamescom could mark the start of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds becoming one of the most popular esports.

The first official Player Unknown's Battlegrounds tournament will take place from 24 - 27 August, with each day's broadcast beginning bright and early at 12AM Australian Eastern Standard Time.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available on PC and will land on Xbox One later this year.

Same as it was already announced that the next announcement of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds would include the first person mode into the game.

One interesting tidbit discussed in the interview explored how the game's origins as a mod for Arma 2 and Arma 3 were ultimately responsible for the game's third-person perspective, despite Greene's admission that battle royale matches are best played in first-person. As for the promised in-game skins system that enables players to further customize the characters, it is still on its way, but it will not be released until the game leaves Early Access. The contest will include Solo mode, Duo mode, Duo First Person Perspective mode and Squad mode across the four-day event, where the best overall score from three games played will determine the victor. The crates are part of a fundraising initiative to help pay for its Gamescom PUBG Invitational event, not unlike Blizzard's recent War Chest for StarCraft II and Valve's Battle Pass program for DOTA 2.

From this date, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players will be able to purchase special clothing and accessories on Steam without having to subject themselves to the usual random loot boxes. "Eventually you'll have to open these crates with keys".

Two of the new crates, the Wanderer and Survivor crates, are free to open and will contain items from two different sets of cosmetics.



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