OJ Simpson to fight for parole


OJ Simpson to fight for parole

OJ Simpson is set to appear in front of a Nevada parole board on July 20, and the prosecutor who put him away in 2008 believes the former National Football League running back will be released from prison.

Dozens of media agencies from all over the country are expected to converge on Carson City, Nevada, next Thursday as a parole board will decide if Simpson has served enough time. "By all accounts, he's totally abided by the rules".

Simpson was convicted of trying to take pieces of sports memorabilia that he claimed was stolen from him. He has been incarcerated at Lovelock Correctional Center since December 2008. He was sentenced to a minimum of nine years in prison, with the maximum sentence being 33 years.

On FX's Emmy-winning "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story", the Furhman character was played by Steven Pasquale and appeared in five out of 10 episodes. Even though the media will have a heavy presence, the parole board will not give interviews concerning its decision.

"Here, if you're a model prisoner, you behave yourself, you're not a flight risk, you get paroled".

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ron Goldman. He was found guilty by a jury on all 12 charges. "The law said he didn't do it".

Simpson will have the opportunity to speak directly to the parole board on July 20, and try to convince them that he should be released. They will also evaluate whether Simpson has a past record of criminal behavior - which he does not. Scotto and Simpson have known each other for years.

Simpson will join the members from his prison via video conference.

Simpson is asking to be set free after almost a decade behind bars. I wish I had never gone to that room.

Four members from the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners will consider parole for Simpson at the board offices in Carson City, Nev., with the proceedings set to begin Thursday at 1 p.m. ET. His release date would likely be October 1.

During the incarceration, Scotto said, Simpson has stayed in regular contact with Simpson's four children - Arnelle, 48, who lives in Fresno, Calif.; Jason, 47, who lives in Atlanta; and Sydney, 31, and Justin, 28, who live in Florida about an hour from Scotto's home in Naples. "Make sure your health issues are taken care of and really live under the radar".



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