Oculus drops the price of Rift to $399 for the summer


Oculus drops the price of Rift to $399 for the summer

For a limited time (UploadVR claims six weeks although I don't see where that listed on any official source) Oculus has reduced the price of the Rift + Touch VR system from $598 to $399 United States dollars.

Sony PlayStation VR now retails for $399, which matches the price Oculus is offering during its summer sale.

There are stacks of games now available through the Oculus online store, more than 500 in fact, including Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Batman: Arkham VR and Elite Dangerous. The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset developed by Oculus VR, now owned by Facebook. Well, Oculus has done another price drop to an even more palatable price of $399, which includes the touch controllers. The HTC Vive costs $800.

It's fair to say that thus far, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) adoption has been a bit underwhelming. Oculus' then-CEO Brendan Iribe told Ars in 2014 that he expected the second consumer version of the Rift to come a year or two after the first.

Is the latest price cut a sign that Oculus is having a hard time competing? One source speculates the significant reduction from one year to the next could also be a result of a price drop in the parts used to manufacture these VR sets.

Despite the setbacks, Rubin said that Facebook still sees itself as the leader in commercializing VR.

This represents a huge price cut that suddenly puts the VR device on a par with popular gaming consoles like the PlayStation and the Xbox.

Facebook has not released figures regarding the sales of its VR headset, but the expected sales number in 2016 is 243,000, according to Superdata.



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