Love Your Country? Save Health Care!


Love Your Country? Save Health Care!

Heitkamp has been the most vocal about the Republican legislation.

While the current, wide-ranging GOP health care bill - which McConnell is still hoping to push through the Senate - has procedural protections against a Democratic Senate filibuster, a subsequent, narrower measure would not and would take 60 votes to pass. And billions of dollars' worth of cuts mean that some people with disabilities may lose their coverage for assisted living services.

Most folks can't read the new health bill because it's written by lawyers and since only the well-educated can understand what it says, we'll have to trust what others are telling us.

Please urge your readers to fight against the proposed American Health Care Act.

Representatives from different areas of the health care industry in Houston join us to talk about what they've seen in the bill, what they like, what they don't like, and what concerns them.

There are already too many families struggling to figure out how they will pay their bills.

"Senator Toomey needs to speak with Carl, from Cumberland County, who before the ACA, lost his insurance because a pre-existing condition spiked his premium from $400 to $3,400 a month in two years, forcing him to drop coverage and face potential financial ruin". If we want to save federal health care dollars, we should expand the cost-effective care options instead of eliminating them. But when it comes to a recent report on the potential effects of the U.S. Senate's health care bill on North Carolinians, there may be no better description of the resulting media coverage.

Of course, that's what the Democrats had done back in 2010 when public hearings were held and compromises were made to come up with the Affordable Care Act.

"Health care in America should be a right, not a privilege", stated Gillibrand.

When fewer people have health care coverage, they are forced to seek medical care at the emergency room, the most expensive place to get care.

In short, they would tend to make the problems most people associate with the Affordable Care Act ― premiums or out-of-pocket costs out of reach for middle-class Americans ― worse rather than better. The more I learn about it, the less I like.

She particularly objected to the cuts in Medicaid, saying they would force the closure of rural hospitals and hurt residents who rely on that assistance.

So, do you think that when the Senate reconvenes it might come up with a bipartisan plan to address these and similar questions and finally provide universal health care to all Americans?

"There are those who view health care as a deeply personal and private matter and wanted to share their story accordingly", added Seat.



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