Liu Xiaobo to be seen by American and German doctors


Liu Xiaobo to be seen by American and German doctors

"They too are not sure if Liu Xiaobo will pass away soon because his condition is quite obviously worsening", Hu said.

The hospital has previously said that Liu's liver function is deteriorating, and that blood clots are forming in his left leg and could potentially travel to the brain or the lungs, leading to death.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has maintained that Liu is receiving the best treatment possible at the First Hospital of China Medical University in the northern city of Shenyang.

"Liu Xiaobo and his family have requested that the remainder of his care be provided in Germany or the United States", Joseph M. Herman of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Markus Buechler of the University of Heidelberg said in a joint statement. A source familiar with the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of discussions confirmed that the American and German experts had seen Liu and spoken to his family.

Since 2009, China has ignored global calls to free Liu while isolating him.

Human rights advocates have criticized the government for not treating Mr. Liu's illness earlier and have called on Chinese officials to allow him to receive treatment overseas.

"We have no better method" of treating Mr Liu, it quoted the global experts as saying in response to a question about whether the laureate would receive more effective treatment overseas.

The statement that appeared on the hospital's website today is undated.

Asked by the foreign experts about the possibility of sending Mr Liu for treatment overseas, Chinese doctors replied that "the process of transferring the patient is unsafe".

The First Hospital of China Medical University said the two experts on Saturday "fully affirmed" Mr Liu's treatment plan so far but his prognosis was grim.

The hospital released details about his treatment this week, disclosing that doctors made a decision to stop giving him the cancer drug Sorafenib and Chinese medicine to avoid further harming his liver.

"We will continue to provide nutritional support, pain relief and other forms of supportive care to improve the patient's quality of life as much as possible", the hospital's statement said.

But they also said more could be done.

The U.S. Embassy also urged China to allow Liu to seek the treatment of his choosing and grant the U.S. and German doctors unhindered access to him.

Liu, 61, who was jailed by Chinese authorities in 2009 for "subversion" and who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 for "human rights" activities in China, has been diagnosed with liver cancer. His wife, Liu Xia, has been under strict house arrest in Beijing although she's never been accused of any crime.

Liu's two brothers, who were traveling from their homes in southern and northeastern China, were being closely monitored by state security agents along the way - making it hard to maintain contact with them, Hu said.

The United Nations human rights office demanded last Friday (July 7) that the UN be given access to Mr Liu, but as world leaders met with their Chinese counterpart in Germany, they remained largely silent on laureate's fate.



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