Last baby killer whale born at SeaWorld dies


Last baby killer whale born at SeaWorld dies

Vets at the San Antonio amusement park lost the battle to save three-month-old killer whale calf Kyara from a suspected infection. "As animal caregivers we dedicate our lives to these animals, and this loss will be felt throughout the entire SeaWorld family".

As per the recreation center, the whale's ailment was not caused by being in imprisonment.

"The veterinary team will conduct a full post mortem examination to determine the cause of death".

The water park said the 3-month-old whale calf was being treated for an infection. She was separated from her mother, Takara, and placed in a tank at the animal hospital. And in early 2016 SeaWorld announced they would stop their breeding program, though they still keep and display several orcas in the parks. She had been under 24-hour watch and was hand-fed to enhance her nutrition.

Kyara's birth in April was hailed and highly publicized. None of the other whales at the park are exhibiting symptoms of illness, SeaWorld's statement said.

Tilikum, which sired 14 calves over almost 25 years in Orlando, died of bacterial pneumonia in January.

Following news of Kyara's death, a group of protesters joined Academy Award-nominee James Cromwell in a takeover of SeaWorld's "Orca Encounter" show on Monday, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which called for a boycott of SeaWorld.

The park came under increased scrutiny after the documentary "Blackfish" featured Tilikum, who killed a trainer in 2010.


SeaWorld also has made a decision to phase out its world-famous killer whale performances by 2019, after public opinion turned against keeping orcas, dolphins and other animals in captivity for entertainment.

The next youngest, Amaya, was born in late December 2014.



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