Ivanka Trump temporarily takes father's seat at G20 meeting


Ivanka Trump temporarily takes father's seat at G20 meeting

Ivanka Trump's presence at the G20 Economic Summit is causing an uproar after she sat in for her father, President Donald Trump, at the leaders' table.

The episode drew fire from observers who criticized the unusual move of having a family member take the president's place during a meeting of world leaders.

Ivanka was given the official title of "First Daughter and Advisor to the President" early in the administration, amid outcry that an unofficial role exempted her from ethics rules.

As it happens, Ivanka participated in a very important panel discussion: "Launch Event Women's Entrepreneur Finance Initiative". A picture shared on Twitter by a Russian attendee, but has since been deleted, shows her seated between British Prime Minister Theresa May and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

She was spotted sitting in a chair meant for the U.S. president while Trump stepped away for a meeting with the Indonesian leader during the G20 meeting.

Mr Trump's controversial views on immigration are widely out of step with many of his fellow leaders at the G20 summit.

President Trump praised Ivanka during the meeting for the fund, suggesting that the spotlight that comes with being his daughter is the biggest difficulty she faces.

"It might be the only bad thing she has going", he added.

"She's always been great", he said. But she's been at a lot of her father's presidential meetings - some while she was still running the Trump Organization.

At a meeting in 2007, he reportedly bought a dog into the room despite it being publicly known she had a long-standing fear of the animals.

It is not believed Ivanka spoke during her brief stint at the world leaders' table and the president returned shortly afterwards.

"I am not sort of trying to selectively curate information that will lead him to agree with me", she said.

Still, far be it from us to cast aspersions on a attractive father-daughter bonding moment, especially since Trump is clearly grooming his daughter for higher things; he took time out before today's session to heap even more praise on her head, calling her pretty much flawless.

In a rare, self-deprecating moment, the president said during remarks in Hamburg that he's been proud of his eldest daughter from "day one".



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