IPhone 8 could make you wait to unlock two key upgrades


IPhone 8 could make you wait to unlock two key upgrades

According to Fast Company's source, even the 3D scanning sensor is causing problems for Apple - and once again the software, not hardware, is the culprit.

Fast Company claims its Apple source is describing a "sense of panic" inside the company as team's rush to bring all the new technologies together. Instead of the entire phone being delayed, it seems that maybe some features could be disabled at launch. They knew that some of the features of the device Apple's Steve Jobs was about to introduce didn't yet work.

One of those is wireless charging.

About a year later, nobody is saying the iPhone 8 will represent a mild update over the 2016 models. With that phone, Apple was rumored to be moving its "Touch ID" function, which now uses a fingerprint sensor in the home button, to underneath the screen, thus eliminating the home button. While Apple could achieve this over time, the likelihood for an initial lack of Apple Pay could adversely affect demand.

The allegations are that Apple has hit some technical problems in the support of claimed future features, face detection and wireless charging for the fabled iPhone 8.

There have also been claims and counterclaims Apple may choose not to include a Touch ID sensor in the next machine.

Apple has done something similar before, too. In other rumours, it is believed that the upcoming iPhone will feature a glass back with a 2.5D curved glass and a vertical dual camera setup.

The analysts said problems with fingerprint and 3D sensors were to blame for the delay, according to CNBC.

With so many brand new features rumored to be included in the new device, it shouldn't be surprising that Apple is having some issues implementing them all in time. We believe Apple's facial recognition solution should work from many angles and in low-light environments.

He added that he was unsure if the delays were due to hardware or software problems when probed further, although he did agree with one of his followers who said they can't see it being a software problem.

The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to have an edge-to-edge 5.8 inch OLED display that mainly takes up the size of its front screen. The issue this time is with the scarcity of OLED manufacturing.

We're also expecting this year's flagship to be the most expensive smartphone ever made by Apple, likely to exceed the $1,000 mark. A source told Fast Company that it may end up shipping the iPhone 8 with the hardware installed. But reportedly, the new device will not look like any previous iPhone because, it will adopt a new shape.



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