Hugh Freeze declines comment on suit, admits Ole Miss created 'adversity'


Hugh Freeze declines comment on suit, admits Ole Miss created 'adversity'

Nutt claims newspaper reports and posts on social media by reporters after "off the record" conversations with Freeze and others made it seem the violations occurred during Nutt's four years as Ole Miss coach.

Nutt coached at Ole Miss from 2008 through '11.

Former University of MS head coach Houston Nutt filed a federal lawsuit against Ole Miss on Wednesday, claiming current football coach Hugh Freeze and athletic director Ross Bjork violated the university's 2011 severance agreement.

It is common knowledge among sports journalists that Coach Freeze does not take kindly to criticism.

What's your reaction to the lawsuit? Freeze, once again, spent most of his time on the podium talking around those allegations and defending his personal integrity. Seems I've read an bad lot about that subject recently so it must be a big deal. "I won't be making any comments about the suit".

CBS: Do you have contingency plans in place in case you do get suspended, because that is obviously a possibility based on the allegations? "I think we are going to take that chip on our shoulder going into the season", Shea Patterson said about the team bowl ban. "We're looking forward to our day in front of the Committee on Infractions and for a fair judgement, and to move forward from there".

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn talks to reporters in New Orleans. Malzahn Kevin Sumlin and Hugh Freeze arrived in the SEC West with reputations for breakneck fast offenses and
Hugh Freeze declines comment on suit, admits Ole Miss created 'adversity'

Freeze: "I'm not concerned right now". "That's the least likely thing I enjoy doing. So they've been unwavering, and I'm greatly indebted to them for that".

CBS: When it comes to the case itself, do you hold any animosity or ill will toward Houston Nutt, and what are your feelings toward him as a person? I did see him at a Chick-Fil-A golf tournament. But no, I'm not made to hold a lot of animosity. We all come here to win a national championship, but I think it has brought us all closer together.

CBS: Do you have any idea, or did you know, if he holds a vendetta against you, and where it would come from?

Freeze, however, was asked later in the news conference: who's to blame for Freeze having to field such questions?

Freeze: "The frustrating part to me is that I don't get to talk about our players". In an emergency, they would make good bodyguards.

It fed a doomed campaign for empathy that's been wobbling along for awhile now; For the fifth time in six years, Freeze said, he had to field questions he wished didn't exist.



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