Former Piston Caldwell-Pope signs with Lakers


Former Piston Caldwell-Pope signs with Lakers

With players such as LeBron James, Paul George and Russell Westbrook potentially hitting the open market, this could be a golden opportunity for Los Angeles to turn things around overnight. The Lakers might not be done yet either, as they're looking at two points guards.

But, it seems as though the Lakers aren't done making moves this offseason, and they're attacking free agency with a full head of steam.

The 31-year-old point guard met with Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson on Tuesday, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, and their sit-down reportedly went well.

Again, he would be a great fit on this young Lakers team. This past season with Detroit, he averaged 13.8 points while shooting over 35 percent from the three-point strike.

Rondo, very similarly to Rose, as he had a solid season with the Bulls past year despite all of the off the court issues and front office troubles the Bulls were having. It is believed he will play a significant role on a rising team. It'll make life easier on the rookie and coach Luke Walton.

To put it gently, the addition of Rondo, or another point guard, nearly qualifies as a must for the Lakers.

General manager Rob Pelinka has said the Lakers are firmly committed to preserving enough cap space in 2018 to sign two free agents to max contracts.

With Caldwell-Pope being signed, the Lakers are using up their available cap space.

This one's a bit tougher to gauge. Caldwell-Pope has a lot to offer to a team and is someone who has been able to stay relatively healthy, only missing a handful of games.

Through his first four years in the league, Caldwell-Pope has developed into an impact player on both ends of the floor.

The most realistic option is probably Rondo, though.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who was a restricted free agent when free agency started, now sits atop of the board as an unrestricted free agent since the Pistons renounced his rights after trading for Avery Bradley.



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