Firefighters Resuscitate Dog After Rescuing It From A Fire


Firefighters Resuscitate Dog After Rescuing It From A Fire

A dog that appeared dead following a Bakersfield house fire Wednesday morning regained consciousness after being treated with oxygen, firefighters said.

The firefighter who carried Jack out of the burning home visited him on Thursday to check in.

The dog's owner looked on as the firefighters revived the pet using a specialized animal oxygen mask and high flow oxygen.

He is now back with his family after spending some time at the vet's office.

A California fire department is getting a ton of love after they responded to a blaze and saved the life of the owners' four-legged companion.

Moments later, he comes around and is well enough to be reunited with his owner.

The dog was transported to a veterinary hospital where he'll remain under observation for any additional complications.

Fire crew chief John Frando said the dog was pulled out of a "heavy" fire.

"We administered oxygen via a pet O2 mask that was generously donated by a couple of Girl Scouts a year ago", Battalion Chief John Frando said.



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