Firefighters expect another hot, dry day in Breckenridge fighting wildfire


Firefighters expect another hot, dry day in Breckenridge fighting wildfire

Evacuation orders were expected to remain in place until midday Thursday.

Structures are threatened and evacuations are in effect for the Peak 7 housing development.

Police allowed people in the evacuated areas to go home and get a few things but they can't sleep there.

The Farmer's Korner and Gold Hill neighborhoods were placed on pre-evacuation notice, along with the entire Town of Breckenridge.

Eight Forest Service firefighters parachuted in, and two heavy tankers and a helicopter have been dropping slurry and water on the fire.

The American Red Cross has also opened an evacuation center in the town of Frisco for residents affected by the fire.

"We would like to take credit for that but we would like give credit to the wind because when the wind did shift it actually pushed the fire back into the burned area and actually slowed it down", says one firefighter.

Wednesday night Chief Keating said the fire isn't going away anytime soon, and could burn at least a week.

He added that 100 animals had also been sheltered. Smoke is said to be visible from Frisco.

The fire, one of several burning in the West, was reported late Wednesday morning and is consuming beetle-killed trees in the White River National Forest.

Another community meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday.

The Type III Incident Command now in charge of the fire is expected to transition to a Type I Incident Command team over the next two days.

However, the fire crews in Nevada still have their work cut out for them as dangerously high temperatures and bone-dry conditions continue to fan fast-moving flames across the state.



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