Eva Ekeblad: The woman who turned potatoes into booze


Eva Ekeblad: The woman who turned potatoes into booze

Eva Ekeblad, born in 1724, is best known for inventing a method to make flour and alcohol out of potatoes.

Swedish scientist Eva Ekeblad would be celebrating her 293rd birthday today and Google has created a Doodle in her honour. In order, there was a point in alcohol ingesting in the Scandinavian country.

Following experimentation, she found that potatoes were a source of flour after they were cooked, crushed and dried.

She extracted starch from potatoes and made alcohols like potato wine, moonshine and vodka. This transformed the country's eating habits and staved off starvation.

Ekeblad's discoveries coincided with a food shortage in Sweden and to helped avert a national starvation.

After her death in 1786, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences did not elect another woman for another 203 years.

The Doodle's graphic shows her face next to a pile of potato powder.

Raised in comfort among the nobility, Eva was married at just 16 to Count Claes Claesson Ekeblad, a Councillor of the Realm.

Her discovery helped to solve a food crisis in Sweden, when there was a shortage of cereals, such as oats and barley.

Ekeblad wanted in on the potato action, growing her own set and experimenting with them.

Following her success, Eva Ekeblad turned her attentions towards easing other domestic tasks. Her achievements earned her a spot in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1748 - the same organization that awards Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. She also discovered a method of bleaching cotton textile with soap and replaced some unsafe ingredients in cosmetics with potato flour.



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