Cent's Still Spitting At Conor McGregor: "You Gonna Get F**k Up Bad"


Cent's Still Spitting At Conor McGregor:

This fight is boxing on steroids.

The final press conference included the usual staredowns, threats, and profane and fairly offensive trash talk between the two fighters. That is a record equalled only by the legendary Rocky Marciano, whom he will surpass with victory in this Showtime sham of a contest.

Bringing the microphone to his mouth, he said: "Dance for me, boy!".

The two men have conducted a series of news conferences in recent days to promote the fight, with stops in Los Angeles and Toronto before the trips to NY and London.

Throw in the relentless expletives both have offered up, the racial slurs and promotion of polar bear killing from McGregor, as well as Mayweather's disrespect of the Irish flag as he paraded the tricolor around like an old rag one and the only conclusion can be that this "show" has been a disgusting blight on society. At one point, Alsop needed to remain calm as he pretended to be with Mayweather's photographers as they walked between some security flanked on either side of a narrow hallway.

Jeff Horn's hopes of facing Mayweather appear to be dashed after the American boxing great announced next month's his fight with McGregor will be his last. This what they call this crossover fight.

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"What's up New York City, 50 Cent's a bitch", McGregor declared.

For Mayweather, the years are unlikely to have done more than fractionally diminish the kind of hand speed, and punch connection rate, which will make McGregor feel like he is facing a combination of Jesse James and Wyatt Earp.

"Because that's all you're worth", Mayweather replied. With a laugh, Mayweather said to TMZ Sports that "we all know there's only two types of "boys" - a white boy and a cowboy - and I'm neither".

Personally, I do not condone violence. It was astounding how easily the plan worked for Alsop. But to be fair to Floyd, he wasn't just facing McGregor. During a press conference in London on Friday, Mayweather addressed the mixed-martial arts fighter as, "You punk, you fa-t, you ho!"

McGregor also displayed his softer side to Instagram by lifting his baby son Conor Jack up to the sky on an airport runway in Las Vegas.



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