Army veteran wishes strangers to text him as his last wish


Army veteran wishes strangers to text him as his last wish

There is an Army veteran, Lee, who now has hospice in his home.

Doctors told Hernandez and his wife Ernestine that there is nothing more they can do except to try to make his final days more comfortable, and a big part of that comfort is to see that he's happy.

Hernandez's wife, Ernestine Hernandez, told the Arizona Republic all he wants to do is talk to people.

Hernandez has lost his vision but his wife reads the text messages out loud to him.

Since the Arizona Veterans Forum posted his last wish on Facebook, Lee has received an influx of calls. He wants anyone to send him a text message or give him a call. After just three days Lee was said to have received over 53,000 text messages and been inundated with calls from across the USA and even overseas.

Hernandez served 18 years in the United States Army with a tour in Iraq. He has already undergone three brain surgeries.

Hearing that, Ernestine new she had to act. Many of them pray with him.

Ever since the veterans group shared his story on Facebook, Hernandez's phone has been inundated with text messages and phone calls. "(Lee's) speech is not very well, so many people didn't take much interest or want to talk to him".

Anyone wanting to lift Lee's spirits is asked to call between the hours of 2 6 p.m.

The 47-year-old veteran has been fighting this inexplicable illness for five years, but he hit "rock bottom" about a year ago. "I am trying to give him the best life I am able to with the help of my mom", she told the newspaper.

"The experience is very painful", Lee said.

"Thank you, everyone, for your calls and support", Ernestine said.

Hernandez's wife, Ernestine, turned to the "Caregivers of Wounded Warriors" to help fulfill his wish, after he spent a disappointing afternoon at his Texas home waiting for his phone to ring.



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