Xbox One X will not generate profits for Microsoft


Alongside the prominent reveal of the Xbox One X, it was announced at E3 this year that original Xbox games will soon be supported on Xbox One. Without going into the numbers, Spencer further explained that hardware section of the console business is not the "money-making" part, it's the games section.

It's impossible to say whether Microsoft will be making a loss on the Xbox One X, or merely breaking even, but we do know for sure that they'll be relying on selling lots of games to turn this into a profitable venture.

Although Spencer said that he has not read the article himself, he still adamant that Xbox One X buyers will have virtual reality in their future. However he also noted that due to PCs having varied specs, it makes it slightly more complicated than a console whose specs are fixed. Eventually, the cost of making the console will decrease and its profit will increase. On paper, it's clear that the PS4 Pro is competing with the Xbox One S, rather than the Xbox One X. Microsoft could soon be making money from Xbox One X sales, but how long that will take is now unclear.

Xbox One X was created to deliver uncompromised power, ultimate compatibility and design excellence.

Over time, as the cost of making the console goes down, Microsoft's profit margin on each console sold will rise.

Although the Xbox One X will indeed outperform the PS4 Pro, Microsoft kind of lacked some major first-party AAA titles during its E3 2017 announcement. The Xbox One games and accessories you already own are compatible with Xbox One X, so if you're an Xbox gamer, chances are you already have a library of games that will look and play better on Xbox One X.

Xbox One X will debut on November 7 for $499 United States dollars. The impressive video game console is considered as the most powerful one in the world for a reason, and it takes top-of-the-line components for it to make such a claim.



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