Warriors say no decision has been made on White House visit


Houston general manager Daryl Morey promises his Rockets have something up their sleeve.

The Miami Heat finished fifth in the Eastern Conference when James announced he was joining them, when KD joined the Warriors, they had just set a new National Basketball Association record for wins in the regular season.

After the Warriors took a 2-0 lead on the Blazers in the opening round of the playoffs, Kerr took an indefinite leave of absence because of ongoing complications from a 2015 back surgery.

"It would take a massive upset, if they're not there each and every year", he said.

TAKING AIM | Gold State Warriors and Kevin Durant success just doesn't sit right.

Durant technically could pick up his player option and avoid the open market. "It's kind of insane to think about the conversations we had this summer and going into the year about how we can both mesh and do what we do and be the players that we are and (to) see it come to life in this series, it was unbelievable". I'll have that mindset, KD will have that mindset, I know Andre, Shaun, all the guys up to renegotiate new contracts - we'll see what happens - but it's the beauty of what I know of this team. "And when Steph turned that corner, I think it was after Christmas Day, when he turned that corner, we became nearly unbeatable".

"Winning is fantastic", Kerr told reporters on Monday night.

How do they all fit under the salary cap?

"Right now, the only answer seems to be 'not a damned thing.' Because that's the only answer that makes sense".

The blueprint for beating the Warriors hasn't been created, but the Jazz did have some successes they could build on for next season, provided they can re-sign Gordon Hayward and keep the core together, as Durant alluded to.

From there, the Warriors defense stiffened and the Cavaliers congratulated the Warriors as the finals seconds ticked off the clock and the crowd went wild.

However, two Los Angeles Clippers superstars, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, will also be on the free-agent market this year. But that's not really his shot; he resisted the idea of pressing his luck, passing instead to Kevin Durant.

What happens to the supporting cast?

From the National Basketball Association deciding to remove the All-Star Game from Charlotte this year because of the state's controversial bathroom bill to LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony discussing gun violence at the ESPYs to Curry and others speaking out about Trump both during his candidacy and after the election, the National Basketball Association has become a league full of people comfortable speaking out.

"I'm just happy for him". Their offensive wizardry draws all of the headlines and highlight and attention with so many playmakers.

The league has always had teams that figure out the next generational shift before all the others (Seven Seconds or Less, the Triangle, Pace and Space, etc.), or have a generational talent no one else has (Hakeem Olajuwon, Dirk Nowitzki or Giannis Antetokounmpo).

Golden State players, coaches, or staff have not issued any statements saying why they have rejected the offer.



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