Venezuela crisis tops agenda for Americas summit in Mexico


Venezuela crisis tops agenda for Americas summit in Mexico

While the OAS narrowly failed to pass a resolution calling for an end to Venezuela's political crisis, Peru and other countries continued Tuesday to mention the desperate situation on Venezuela's streets that has left at least 70 people dead and more than 1,300 injured.

In an important anti-imperialist march and also against OAS interference in the Venezuelan's political life, Cabello denounced that the servility attitude by the regional organization was "a well-known issue, ' because it represents the oppressive arm of the United States in Latin America".

Venezuelan grassroots activists say the upcoming National Constituent Assembly (ANC) could be a major step forward for the country's commune movement and could deepen the Bolivarian revolution. "We need to look for solutions, to continue the dialogue and the only way to continue this dialogue is to keep this session open without a determinate date".

Called by President Nicolas Maduro, the ANC will have broad powers to rewrite Venezuela's constitution following the election of delegates in July.

Amid the clashes on Caracas's main highway, 17-year-old Fabian Urbina was killed by a bullet wound to the chest, local authorities said without providing more details.

Rodriguez said of those countries: "if they form part of the litter of lap dogs of imperialism, Venezuela doesn't". But it wasn't enough to persuade enough countries, especially from the Caribbean nations that have long relied on cheap oil shipments from Venezuela, to take a tougher stance against Maduro. The proposal got 20 votes in favor, five against and eight abstentions. "Venezuela has been good to us, but the government of Venezuela has proceeded in a direction that we can not condone", Golding told the Gleaner. He has been criticized for subjugating the judicial and electoral powers, even while he lost control of the country's legislature. Several others were also shot.

Fitzpatrick noted that Maduro plans to remove Venezuela's current freely elected national assembly and other remaining democratic institutions to replace them with "puppet institutions".

A small knot of protesters also gathered in the rain on a highway outside the Mexican resort complex where the talks were being held, holding signs saying "No more deaths" and "no more hunger".

Venezuela opposition lawmakers (L-R) Franco Casella, Carlos Lozano, William Davila and Luis Florido hold a news conference on the actual Venezuelan crisis ahead of the OAS 47th General Assembly in Cancun, Mexico, June 19, 2017.

Smilde said it helps that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson decided against attending, opting to stay in Washington and instead hold talks on the crisis involving Qatar.

Earlier Monday in Caracas, groups of government supporters and opponents exchanged shoves and blows outside the offices of Venezuela's attorney general, who has opposed the planned constitutional overhaul in a break with the Maduro administration.



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