The reaction to The Great Get Together has surprised even Brendan Cox


The reaction to The Great Get Together has surprised even Brendan Cox

Sharon Hodgson, MP for Washington and Sunderland West, added: "A year has passed since the tragic death of our colleague, Jo Cox, and as always my thoughts will be with Brendan, their children and Jo's family and friends on this sad anniversary".

Mr and Mrs Leadbeater reflected on events in the United Kingdom over the past year, including the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London as well as the Grenfell Tower fire.

The sister of Jo Cox has said she wanted to be among "the people who loved Jo and who Jo loved" as the murdered MP's family marks the anniversary of her death.

Mrs Cox's mother Jean Leadbeater said: "Seeing communities coming together - seeing west London - that's an incredible sight, all colours, creeds, everybody pulling together".

Councillor Abdul Jabar, Bradford Council's executive member for neighbourhoods and community safety, said: "It is great to see all these massive community picnics being held in the city and throughout the district".

"I think as a country we are not good enough at doing that".

She said: "There's a lot of stuff that I still haven't dealt with, and I guess that's where maybe counselling or some advice on how to cope with that would come in".

Mr Leadbeater added: "The cases of Manchester and London were awful".

"She was a fantastic woman; energetic, honest, great fun, she was lovely".

"One year on, it's still hard to believe that she is no longer with us".

Organised by the Jo Cox Foundation "The Great Get Together" is already being supported by a wide range of organisations.

THE GREAT GET TOGETHERTHE GREAT GET TOGETHERHe said: "I'm both amazed and humbled that so many people have said they want to take part in the Great Get Together".

"That shock was personal for politicians but it was profound I think for all of us because it was a awful, violent act, like so much else that happens in the world, and made us focus on the things that divide people rather than the things that bring us together". Jo Cox's passion was about bringing communities together so it is important we all link together as a community especially with what is happening in the world. "We should come together to celebrate the strength, kindness and unity of our communities". "People are desperate for it - people want something that is about coming together and being positive".



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