Smarter Siri and More Updates Arriving with iOS 11


Smarter Siri and More Updates Arriving with iOS 11

After updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10.3, opening certain apps and games may have presented you with a warning that they need to be updated to work with future versions of iOS. The official tagline for iOS 11 reads: "A giant step for iPhone".

The iPhone screen will be locked to prevent drivers from using their apps while driving, CNN reports.

"iOS 11 gives iPad users the powerful app functionality they need to take advantage of everything iPad is capable of, and brings hundreds of new features and incredible updates to the iOS apps iPhone and iPad users enjoy every day", Federighi said. This allows you to switch apps quickly while working or performing other tasks.

A new iPhone feature will silence notifications, like texts, while driving, Apple confirmed Monday.

If for whatever reason, the iOS 11 Beta is not there, wait a few minutes, check again.

The new Files app, also available for iPhone users, is a file management system that places all files on the iPad together in one place for easy organization.

As Cydiageeks notes, the Offload Unused Apps setting is also available in iPhone Storage under General settings.

Dubbed as iOS 11, the update to the popular operating system will come with many handy new features. Meanwhile, you will still have the option to delete all your past ratings and start off with a clean slate if that is what you would like to do.

Head on over to Apple's Beta Program page, where you can learn a bit more about the program and sign up.

Siri will get a "more human voice" in iOS 11, and Maps will have new cities, better navigation, speed limits, and lane guidance. The move positions Apple to compete with popular payments apps such as Square Cash and Venmo.There will also be a new Translation feature, which will support Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish to start with, but will get bigger as time goes on.

Last fall, the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed a new set of guidelines to help address distracted driving caused by cell phones and other electronic devices.



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