Republican baseball practice gunman 'had list of names'


Republican baseball practice gunman 'had list of names'

A list of names - including some Republican members of Congress - was found with the Alexandria shooter, according to a law enforcement source and Rep. Mo Brooks, who was on the list and present at the practice but unharmed by the shooting.

The man who shot U.S. congressman Steve Scalise and others at a congressional baseball practice earlier this week had with him a piece of paper with doodles and the names of three lawmakers, according to a person familiar with the case.

This is according to a person familiar with the case who was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to The Associated Press Saturday on condition of anonymity.

There were no explicit threats on the list, officials said. Scalise remains hospitalized in critical condition. "He said, 'O.K., thanks, ' turned around".

No timeline has been given for Scalise's recovery.

He remained in critical condition on Thursday, CBS News reported. "There's still a lot of things that can happen, there's still a lot of forks in the road that we may not even see yet", Sava said.

Since then, the lawmaker has undergone multiple surgeries and procedures to stop the bleeding and fix bone. Hodgkinson, a Belleville, Ill., resident who officials said had been living out of his auto in Alexandria, Va., opened fire as Congress members and staffers practiced for a charity baseball game slated for Thursday.

His history of police run-ins also included an incident in March where police were called over him firing about 50 shots in a wooded area near homes in Belleville. Five people were injured. His social media activity showed a disdain for GOP officials. "There was nothing conspicuous about him", Duncan said Wednesday.

Sava said that after being released from the hospital, Scalise would "require a period of healing and rehabilitation". "I feel a lot more confident and a lot more optimistic than I did two or three days ago".

"I came off the field through the gate and right outside is the security detail for the whip". Duncan said he told him it was a Republican ball practice, and Hodgkinson started to shoot them.



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