Pennsylvania man wins $870000 after hospital removes wrong testicle


Pennsylvania man wins $870000 after hospital removes wrong testicle

A Mount Union man was scheduled to have his damaged, chronically-painful, right testicle but instead, ended up having his healthy left one removed.

However, Hanes discovered after the procedure that Dr. Valley Spencer Long had removed the healthy left testicle and performed a vasectomy on the right testicle, the one where he had been experiencing pain for years.

The award is split into $620,000 in compensatory and $250,000 in punitive damages.

The jury of 11 women and one man found Long was "recklessly indifferent" after the two-and-a-half day civil trial finished Wednesday.

Steven Hanes, a 54-year-old man from Pennsylvania, received $870.000 after suing his doctor for malpractice.

Steven Hanes was awarded $870,000 in damages after a doctor removed the wrong testicle, PennLive reports.

Court literature also alleges that Long's post-operative report had detailed what went down in the operation in a matter-of-fact way, stating that the left testicle and cord "may actually have been removed instead of the right one".

The case of Hanes and Dr. And so the doctor scheduled an orchiectomy - or surgical removal of the testicle - to help alleviate Hanes's pain. Aside from this, Lepisto was quoted by PennLive as saying that his firm is investigating a medical malpractice case, where a patient had died while allegedly being under Long's care. Hanes said that Long was reckless because he did not properly identify the testicle that was meant to be removed.

According to Hanes's representing lawyer, the case was clear from the beginning, as Dr.

The lawyer represnting Haines said his client remains in pain and has a "debilitating fear" of going for surgery after the medical malpractice he had suffered. Moreover, if Hanes does need to have his damaged right testicle removed, he may need to spend the rest of his life receiving testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of his life.



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