Otto Warmbier in state of 'unresponsive wakefulness,' doctors say


Otto Warmbier in state of 'unresponsive wakefulness,' doctors say

His father, Fred Warmbier, wearing the same jacket his son wore to a North Korean courtroom, told reporters his family does not believe the North Korean regime's account of how his son fell into a coma shortly after being sentenced at a show trial in March 2016.

The Warmbiers are happy to have their son back alive, even though he is unable to respond because of his comatose state.

North Korea said Thursday it released Warmbier over "humanitarian" reasons, its first official comment since he was returned to his home state of OH in a coma. North Korean officials claimed Warmbier fell into a coma in March previous year due to botulism and a sleeping pill.

Asked whether he thought the previous administration could have done more, Fred Warmbier replied: "I think the results speak for themselves".

"We don't believe anything they (North Korea) say", said Fred Warmbier, who was wearing a sport coat that Otto Warmbier had worn during a confession to his crimes a year ago in North Korea that was broadcast.

The US government accused North Korea of using such detainees as political pawns.

Doctors have little information about what happened to him prior to his release as they've had no contact with North Korean medical authorities. He was serving a 15-year prison term with hard labor after he had tearfully confessed that he tried to steal a propaganda banner while visiting.

In January 2016, Otto Warmbier was set to fly out from North Korea's Pyongyang International Airport after a five-day organized tour of the country.

However, Warmbier doesn't have any signs of other significant organ damage.

"I don't know what being in shock is, but I'm pretty sure I was", he said, referring to when he was informed Otto Warmbier was in a coma. "I call on them to release the other Americans being held", he urged.

The North Korean regime deemed him a "war criminal" and "brutalized and terrorized" him during his detainment, his father said.

"The day after he was sentenced, he went into a coma", the father said in an interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson scheduled to air Thursday night.

He was arrested and weeks later brought to North Korea's supreme court where he pleaded for mercy.

NORTH Korea has released USA student Otto Warmbier on humanitarian grounds after the 22-year-old student fell into a coma in a labour camp. A source close to the family said Warmbier contracted botulism a year ago. North Korea released Otto on Tuesday, purportedly for "humanitarian reasons". Mr. Warmbier said he gave "a good performance" and that they were proud of the way their son handled the situation.



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