New Zealand wins America's Cup


New Zealand wins America's Cup

Sir Russell won the cup with Team New Zealand in 1995 and 2000, before tasting further success with Alinghi and Oracle.

"For today we're just happy to show our support to Emirates Team New Zealand by pulling on those lucky red socks and saying good on you boys", says Mayor Sandra.

Rain or shine, the victorious Kiwis will parade along an as-yet undisclosed route before taking to the water for a sail past.

At the forefront were a handful of young sailors in their prime, led by the wisdom of a number of previous America's Cup sailors and backed by an innovative team.

First, there was a blowout party at the team compound Monday evening.

The America's Cup and its victorious owners Team New Zealand are due back home early next week, so plans are in the making for a big welcome home.

Not only was their pace better downwind, they also edged Team USA upwind for speed.

New Zealand syndicate boss Grant Dalton said after the win that Team NZ had to nurse their boat through the entire regatta after suffering major damage to daggerboards on the first day of racing in the challenger series.

In a bid to achieve his America's Cup dream, Glenn, his wife Mel and their two daughters have basically lived 11 months of the year in New Zealand for the past six years. "It is not a right", Dalton said.

"To be able to come here to Bermuda and be part of an incredibly special team and bring that trophy back home is something I will remember for the rest of my life", he said. "We look forward to seeing what shape the America's Cup takes next and we're sure it's one that will capture the imagination of Kiwis".

While many traditionalists would welcome a return to monohulls, foiling is the rage in sailing.

"The future of high performance sailing, whether it's the Olympics or America's Cup, is in a great position. The harder you push it the more likely you are to have a crash", the tall sailor, with his trademark reddish stubble, added.

The Kiwis are known to want a much stricter nationality rule, perhaps 80 percent.

"Full credit to Team New Zealand".

The craft for sale include a $60,000 (plus duty) "chase" boat with huge engines able to keep up with the team's winning 50-foot (15-metre) foiling catamaran, which can hit speeds of nearly 50 knots (93 kilometres per hour).

Slingsby was a 2012 Olympic gold medallist in the Laser class, while Hurst is one of Australia's greatest ironmen and a two-time Olympian in open water swimming.

Luna Rossa dropped out in 2015 after disagreeing with a mid-course reduction in the size of the catamarans as a cost-cutting measure.



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