Netflix's Full "Death Note" Trailer Cackles Away with Willem Dafoe


Netflix's Full

The latest trailer for Netflix's live-action version of Death Note is here with our first full look at numerous show's iconic characters.

That's exactly the dilemma faced by Light Turner (Nat Wolff) who stumbles upon a mystical book that has the power to kill any person whose name he writes into it.

A new trailer for the upcoming Netflix movie adaptation of Death Note has released and this time audiences get a much better look at Willem Dafoe as the Death God Ryuk. At the heart of this cautionary tale is Willem Dafoe as the antagonist, a death god and a villain - or is he only acting according to his nature? It's the first and arguably most important rule of Death Note, a supernatural scrapbook that gives its owner the ability to play judge, jury, and executioner at a moment's notice.

Death Note stars Nat Wolff as Light Turner, a young, unpopular teen who gets his wish for a way to mete out justice to the bullies, villains, and terrorists of the world. It's a fresh version of the story set in Seattle. When moving the setting of Death Note to America we of course made the movie about America. "The story itself so insane and fantastic and you can interpret it in so many different ways".

Not to mention the dated aesthetics that recall every emo punk rock band that existed back when the manga series was published in 2003. Those original movies, by the way, are not great, but they have that dude from Battle Royale chewing up the scenery, so they've got their charms. Oka said the filmmakers "had a bit more creative license to follow Adam's true vision and make it more of a dark, edgier Death Note".

Directed by Adam Wingard (You're Next, The Guest), Death Note will premiere globally on Netflix August 25.



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