Mueller Hires 13 Attorneys to Join Russia Probe


Mueller Hires 13 Attorneys to Join Russia Probe

The president has denied that he has any nefarious ties to Russian Federation and has also disputed that he attempted to block the investigation into his campaign's possible role in Mocsow's election-related hacking.

It was unclear whether the president was referring to Special Counsel Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Mueller was immediately confronted with the reality of Trump's Lester Holt interview, his discussion with Russian officials in the White House regarding his relief that the firing of his "crazy" FBI Director Comey would take the pressure off the Russian probe, Comey's testimony about Trump asking for his "loyalty" pledge, and what Comey perceived as the President's directive (the President used the word "hope") to terminate the Michael Flynn investigation.

Rosenstein, the former US attorney in Maryland, was forced to take over supervision of the Russian Federation investigation because Attorney General Jeff Sessions had recused himself.

That's because the deputy attorney general could become a potential witness in the investigation. He lashed out at a top Justice Department official overseeing the inquiry, reflecting his mounting frustration with the unrelenting controversy that has consumed his early presidency.

The President tweeted Friday that he was under "investigation", which he called a "witch hunt" in another tweet. The attorney general was at a White House meeting when the notification came from Rosenstein, prompting the enraged President to scold the attorney general for the turn of events.

The Republican National Committee denounced the Washington Post report on Mueller now targeting Trump for a potential obstruction of justice charged, declaring, "This story is nothing more than an example of even more leaks coming out of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and special counsel's office in an effort to undermine the President".

President Trump made similar comments about Mr. Comey in the weeks leading up to his dismissal.

"You begin to wonder if is going to be a domino effect here where it is just one person after another", said Andrew Graham, a longtime Maryland defense lawyer who worked with Rosenstein.

Trump has told associates he has the legal authority to fire Mueller.

On Thursday, Trump appeared to criticize Mueller on Twitter saying the Russian Federation investigation being "led by some very bad and conflicted people".

Brand is "a horse of a different color from career prosecutors such as Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller", Feldman says.

"As the deputy attorney general has said numerous times, if there comes a point when he needs to recuse, he will".

During her confirmation hearing in the Senate to become the Justice Department's associate attorney general, Democrats criticized her for her experience representing corporate interests.

And yesterday, The New York Times reported that Mr Trump's transition team had been ordered to preserve materials related to the ongoing investigations. An official of Trump's transition confirmed the lawyer's internal order, which was sent Thursday.

He also has millions of followers on his official Facebook pages.

The Post also reported that Mueller was looking into possible financial connections between Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, now a top White House adviser, and a Russian bank, as well as other financial dealings with Russia on the part of others in the Trump entourage. He has already been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives intelligence committee.



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