Merkel urges speedy Brexit talks after United Kingdom vote


Did you disgrace your political party and yourself in a snap election that you yourself chose to call? This sort of thing will be par for the course in a country like India in a situation of "hung" Parliament when the ruling party did not win outright, but seems unusual for Britain. It's a huge embarrassment for May, who called the early election with the aim of gaining a wider majority.

"I will now form a government - a government that can provide certainty and lead Britain forward at this critical time for our country", she said. May, who after (mildly) opposing Brexit in the referendum accepted the verdict of the voters, thought that by holding an early election she could strengthen her ability to secure a definitive divorce from the European Union on terms favorable to the United Kingdom, a so-called "hard Brexit". The Conservatives are in talks with the Democratic Unionist Party to form a minority government.

"People have said they have had quite enough of austerity politics", he said, repeating his campaign promises to push for better funding for health and education. Pro-independence Scottish National Party bagged 35 seats.

The election result saw Mrs May scramble to form a minority government to have any kind of Commons majority. So it's perhaps premature for Chinese businesses to worry about Brexit negotiations.

Jack Straw, a former Labour foreign minister, said the result means there will now be a lot of pressure in parliament for a soft Brexit. Tim Farron, the current leader, retained his seat with only a narrow majority.

The BBC's latest projections predict the Conservatives will get 318 of Parliament's 650 seats, meaning the party would struggle to govern alone. "Let's put our minds together on striking a deal". But, instead, support for her party declined dramatically, leaving her government far more precarious than before. It also promised to guarantee the rights of European citizens now living in Britain, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. "What tonight is about is the rejection of Theresa May's version of extreme Brexit", said Keir Starmer, Labour's policy chief on Brexit, saying his party wanted to retain the benefits of the European single market and customs union. The EU does not want to delay Brexit. The British pound tumbled against the U.S. dollar and the euro after the result.

Despite campaigning against Brexit, Labour has accepted the result but said it would prioritise maintaining close economic ties with the EU.

The blame-game has started within the Conservative Party. Meanwhile, the Labour Party surged, winning 29 seats in areas where the party's lukewarm support for the Brexit played well.

Conservative lawmaker Heidi Allen said Britain needed a prime minister right now so May should stay on, but added that her days were numbered.

No doubt, May will be ridiculed for blowing her majority government but, to be fair, very few would have predicted this outcome at the time she called for the election.



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