GUILTY: Michael McCarthy convicted in death of Bella Bond


On Monday, a jury has found a Boston man guilty of second degree murder for the 2015 killing of a MA toddler.

The jury started deliberating June 20.

On the stand, Bond couldn't remember the date her baby girl was murdered, although she told cops McCarthy punched Bella so hard she bounced off a bed, turned gray and died in front of her. Her body was found near the Boston Harbor two summers ago. Bond was also charged for helping dispose of Bella's body - and for taking government benefits for her daughter after her death.

The child's mother, Rachelle Bond, pleaded guilty earlier this year to being an accessory after the fact and became the prosecution's star witness. She was identified until September 2015, and state police arrested McCarthy for murder and Rachelle Bond, Bella's mother, on the charge of accessory after the fact.

"Any lost life is heartbreaking and tragic, but any time someone so young and so innocent is lost, it magnifies the pain and the sorrow to very bad proportions", Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said.

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley told reporters after the verdict was read that Bond's testimony was truthful.

Shapiro vowed to appeal the verdict, calling it "a travesty of justice". She had to testify against her former boyfriend.

Michael McCarthy was charged in the 2015 killing of Bella Bond.

"As prosecutors, we wish more than anyone that every case came to us with upstanding witnesses, strong forensic evidence, and a motive unique to the offender, but real life doesn't work that way", he said.

After McCarthy allegedly dumped the two-year-old child's remains in a duffel bag off the waters of South Boston, Rachelle Bond said she told him, "You killed my kid".

"It's probably the only time she's ever felt loved", said Amy Durant, 44, of Lynn.

A jury Monday convicted Michael McCarthy of second-degree murder in the 2015 killing of Bella Bond.

He said Rachelle Bond created a "web of lies" to blame McCarthy.

Many questioned Rachelle's story because she admitted she lied multiple times to authorities before telling a friend the truth about what happened to her daughter. As part of a plea deal, she will get time served and two years of probation. "He's a sick, psychotic individual who got what he deserved", Sprinsky said. The verdict can not bring Bella back, and can not change the fact that she was failed - colossally and tragically - by the adults in her life.

Assistant District Attorney Deakin emphasized to the jury that they must not judge McCarthy, Bond and the other individuals involved in the case as a group of addicts.

Fewtrell said she silently prayed, "please don't let him walk".



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