Divorcing dad kills two young children before hanging himself on Father's Day


Divorcing dad kills two young children before hanging himself on Father's Day

But the children were believed to be at the center of a custody battle, and neighbors reportedly said Camara had been "on edge" in the days leading up to the apparent murder-suicide. They then found Camara's body hanging in his bedroom.

Officers aren't saying how the children died at this time.

KRON News reported that arguments between Camara and his wife at his Slater Street apartment were intense on several occasions.

Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies were investigating a child custody violation between a husband and a wife involving their two children when they discovered the gruesome scene, KRON reports.

Neighbors who were interviewed by ABC7 said Camara came across as a loving father.

A Santa Rosa mother whose two young children were found slain Monday near their father, who had hanged himself, said she had feared for her children's safety in their father's care but felt her concerns had gone unheeded. "He was great, he'd have the kids visit, and ride bikes, and he'd take them to the park, and so I don't know". The coroner identified the 6-year-old girl as Juliana, and 19-month-old boy as Julian.

A deputy climbed a ladder to enter the apartment by removing a screen on an open bathroom window. "I feel the sorrow for this father but my heart is breaking for those kids and this mother", said Alvara Camara's neighbor Carrie Buchholz.

When they arrived, they saw a 2-year-old child and went to see what was happening.

Santa Rosa Police Department Lt. John Cregan said: "We're still going to be exploring the timeline to determine when the children were last seen and when this tragedy occurred". Both children were spending Father's Day with their father and were supposed to return home that night. For the same time periods, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, burglaries increased from 130 to 148, burglaries in progress increased from 9 to 16, robberies increased from one to three and trespassing increased from 34 calls to 40.'The word is getting out with the suspects that are hitting these neighborhoods, ' said CCSO Sgt Mike Connor.



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