Big cases, retirement rumors as Supreme Court nears finish


Big cases, retirement rumors as Supreme Court nears finish

On and if so that war and president trouble pretty powerful I'll move feared to be able to really tip the balance of the Supreme Court advocate just that Kennedy was more that moderate conservatives are on the bench and so he was that swing vote they call themselves.

Rath said that's particularly true on the issue of abortion rights, with Kennedy taking a position that translates as narrowly pro-choice. In addition, Kennedy and his clerks gathered over the weekend for a reunion pushed up a year earlier than normal.

Kennedy has given no public sign that he will retire this year and give Donald Trump a second high court pick in the first months of his administration, which would allow conservatives to take firm control of the court.

On June 20, conservative authors Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec tweeted: "Rumor: Justice Kennedy retiring next week" and "Kennedy has been discussing retiring with closest advisors for weeks".

But Kennedy turns 81 next month and has been on the court for almost 30 years. He is often the swing vote, making his opinion critical.

"I will never reveal a conversation between a sitting justice and the president or the White House", Conway told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos on This Week Sunday.

On Monday, Justice Clarence Thomas, joined by Gorsuch and Justice Samuel Alito, chastized their colleagues for not going far enough in the travel ban cases.

The chamber's success rate is nothing new: In the past six terms, the court has ruled with the chamber 74 percent of the time the group has gotten involved in cases that come before it. But the state disqualified the church as a grant recipient because Trinity Lutheran was a church. It was one of the first in which Trump's conservative appointee to the court, Neil Gorsuch, participated.

"We'd like a lot more cooperation from our Democratic friends". People convicted of a violent crime are subject to mandatory deportation.

"The compromise also will invite a flood of litigation until this case is finally resolved on the merits, as parties and courts struggle to determine what exactly constitutes a 'bona fide relationship'". Another involves whether the family of a Mexican teenager shot dead while standing on Mexican soil by a US Border Patrol agent in Texas can sue for civil rights violations.

In the biggest dispute before the justices, the court handed a partial win to Trump by partly reviving his travel ban that he has said is needed for security reasons but opponents criticize as discriminatory. The administration wants the ban to go into effect while the litigation continues.

The Supreme Court acknowledged "the Government's compelling need to provide for the Nation's security", wrote that the lower courts had given deference to "foreign nationals overseas who have no connection to the United States at all", and concluded that "the Government's interest in enforcing [the order], and the Executive's authority to do so, are undoubtedly at their peak when there is no tie between the foreign national and the United States".



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