Are Planes Safe In Turbulence? 26 Injured On China Eastern Airlines Flight


Are Planes Safe In Turbulence? 26 Injured On China Eastern Airlines Flight

Flight MU774 was reportedly descending over Yunnan province after nine hours aloft when the turbulence struck.

"The process lasted about 10 minutes".

Passengers suffered bone fractures, scalp lacerations and soft tissue injuries caused by falling baggage or collisions with overhead lockers, it cited local hospitals as saying.

"Clear-air turbulence changes significantly within the transatlantic flight corridor when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is doubled", the researchers said. Baggages fell on many of them as well.

At least four of the injured are said to be in a serious condition.

"I was on the flight, and I felt like I would not survive", a witness told the South China Morning Post.

The Shanghai-based company said it had arranged medical services, but no further details have been given.

The company did not specify how long or where the turbulence occurred on the flight.

Passengers aboard an overnight flight from Paris to China got a rude awakening on Sunday when their aircraft hit heavy turbulence en route to China. Twelve people were sent to People's First Hospital of Yunnan after emergency medical crews at the airport triaged people disembarking. No passengers or crew were injured and the carrier was investigating the incident. We remind all travelers to please fasten their seat belts during the entirety of each trip.

Images show a gaping hole across the engine casing of the Airbus A330, which departed at 8.30pm on June 11.



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