Trump calls Macron to congratulate him on election win


Trump calls Macron to congratulate him on election win

Parliamentary elections are due in a few weeks' time and Macron needs a victory there to form a stable government. He is a neo-liberalist who defeated the far right candidate Marine Le Pen in the second round of voting.

The Socialists, whose term in government comes to an end in tandem with the departure of President Francois Hollande, have traditionally disputed power with the centre-right for the past half century. "Looking forward, Macron only offers upside surprises". Most European and other world leaders breathed a sigh of relief with Macron's victory.

Marlise Simons, a New York Times correspondent who lives in Paris and has covered global organizations for decades, sees the value of the new blood. Macron campaigned for closer European cooperation, spoke against policies targeting religious minorities, and he also spoke about reducing corporate and wealth taxes and reducing public spending.

However, the French daily Le Monde said on May 4 that the church's refusal to back Macron against Le Pen had "provoked a deep discontent among the faithful". In my opinion, Pakistani nation is also mature and will vote for what is right in upcoming elections. But it will be contesting its first ever election. "But they don't know France".

An estimation by research firm Elabe for BFMTV show that Macron won the presidential race with 65.9 percent of votes, while Le Pen scored 34.1 percent. The National Front has two lawmakers in the outgoing parliament but hopes for dozens in June.

The movement's Secretary General Richard Ferrand also officially confirmed the change of the name to La Republique en Marche. The former prime minister's move was harshly criticized by the PS.

Now, that the Presidential elections are over, political parties are gearing up for the legislative elections in June.

Some, like Valls, want to be part of a Macron majority, but others are preparing for opposition, while the main centre-right grouping The Republicans hopes to force the independent centrist into a coalition. But that is far from guaranteed. Macron can't count on their loyalty.

"He needs to cool down", said Raphael Garine, a protesting student. "If he wants to continue the reckless policies of the past five years we will take to the streets to demonstrate".

In the Paris metro, a defaced advertisement captured the mood. "Macron: Not even started, already hated", it read. Overnight Sunday, police arrested 141 people in eastern Paris in clashes with masked protesters.

"I will be a candidate for the presidential majority", the 54-year-old Valls told RTL radio, while insisting he remained a Socialist and "a man of the left". The candidates will be announced by Thursday. The National Front is also gearing up for a rebranding - if not a makeover - of its ideas.

French writer Samuel Pruvot, who interviewed the new president at length for a book, said Macron sought baptism at age 12 under the influence of his Jesuit teachers, but viewed the Catholic faith "more intellectually than spiritually" and would "distance himself as much as possible from church, faith and Catholicism" as president.

Market reaction Monday to Macron's victory was subdued: investors were expecting it and seem wary of the difficulties he faces.

The pan-European STOXX 600 index lost 0.13 percent while France's CAC 40 index fell 0.9 percent.

In currency markets, the euro rose to a six-month high of $1.102 in early Asian trade but last stood at $1.095, down 0.4% on the day.



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