Video reveals face recognition flaw in Galaxy S8


Video reveals face recognition flaw in Galaxy S8

As everyone remembers, last year's Galaxy Note 7 presented a major flaw in its design that caused Samsung to recall all of the sold units and payback its customers.

We won't know for sure how well the Galaxy S8's facial recognition works until we've got our hands on one.

The leaked pictures showed that Galaxy S8 hasn't been equipped with the classic physical home button and everyone believed that Samsung has installed a fingerprint scanner under the innovative display instead. The position is not only inconvenient but the sheer size of the fingerprint is also not that big. This means that Samsung had to take a second look at the new device and implement a few design tweaks.

According to JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall, who was cited in several news reports yesterday, the new iPhone will likely make "less use of curved OLED which may result in a slightly less "infinity" screen form factor".

In fact, many observers have noted that the increased price-tag expected for the "iPhone 8" appears to be aimed in part at controlling market demand to reduce potential supply issues. That puts it years after Samsung, and years after using it in the Apple Watch.

Previous leaks suggested that the device will come in two versions - the Samsung Galaxy X1 and the Samsung Galaxy X1 Plus although specifics about it all are still murky.

Unlike Cardboard, Google's less sophisticated DIY VR platform, the Daydream VR, will be a no-go for Samsung's newest pair of flagships, out April 21.

Following the release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last September, Apple saw strong sales. In January 2017, after a three long month research on the Note 7 explosion, Samsung revealed that the batteries were the only fault in the devices. The device soon became the topic in the frontlines coupled with fall of Samsung shares in the market. Dubbed the Snapdragon 845, this chipset is reportedly being developed with the likes of Samsung to ship it inside 2018's Galaxy S9 smartphone. Samsung confirmed there's nothing wrong with the phone's screen and said that a software update adjusting the screen's color calibration will be coming this week.



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