US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan


US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

The security situation remains precarious in Afghanistan, with a number of militant groups trying to claim territory more than 15 years after the US invasion which toppled the Taliban government. "The United States took all precautions necessary to prevent civilian casualties and collateral damage as a result of the operation". VOA Afghanistan reported a spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar said "we had no prior information about this bomb".

"President Trump owes the American people an explanation about his escalation of military force in Afghanistan and his long-term strategy to defeat ISIS", she said in a statement. It is home to an established network of ISIS-Khorasan - or "ISIS-K" - fighters.

While Trump's comments Thursday suggested that he was not personally involved in the decision to drop the bomb, Trump was eager to associate himself with the bold display of power.

With a 300 blast radius, the MOAB is a 21,600-pound, GPS-guided missile that is the biggest non-nuclear bomb in America's fearsome arsenal of weaponry.

Afghanistan was ISIL's first foray outside the Arab world. The US has concentrated heavily on combatting them while also supporting Afghan forces battling the Taliban.

The U.S. has dropped the largest conventional weapon ever used in combat to hit an underground ISIS complex in Afghanistan, Pentagon officials say. "What I do is I authorize my military", he said without elaborating.

"I applaud our courageous men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line every day to keep our country safe", he said.Congressman Matt Gaetz said Trump's decision to drop the GBU-43 shows his deep commitment to eradicating ISIS worldwide.

Speaking after the news broke Mr Trump said: "We have given them total authorisation".

White House press secretary Sean Spicer explained the objective was to deny ISIS its operational space by targeting the tunnels and caves the terrorist network uses to carry out its attacks on US and Afghan forces.

"We have [an] incredible military".

The bunker buster was developed in only nine weeks in 2003 to make it available for use during the Iraq War.

If your goal is to make a statement and do some damage in the process, there is nothing bigger in the USA arsenal to intimidate the people on the other side. That's the branch of the Islamic State that's active in Afghanistan.



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