Trump's EPA Chief: Time To Exit "Bad Deal" Globalist Climate Agreement


Trump's EPA Chief: Time To Exit

Bannon and Pruitt are said to be strongly opposed to remaining in the agreement, while Kushner and Tillerson are said to be in favor of staying. "It's something we need to exit in my opinion..."

U.S. President Donald Trump's skepticism of climate change guarantees that his administration will cede leadership on the issue.

"It is looking like we may see them announce that they're going to stay in Paris and also announce simultaneously that they're going to revise the USA target under Paris to 2025", Andrew Light, a senior fellow in the global climate program at the World Resources Institute, noted in an interview earlier this week.

But with the Paris accord, China said that, compared to 2005 levels, it would seek to cut its carbon emissions by 60 to 65 percent per unit of GDP by 2030.

Since taking office, Trump has revoked a range of environmental legislation-including Barack Obama's climate orders-with a plan to focus on energy independence and revitalize the coal industry.

Politico reported Friday that the meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday at the White House.

Trump and his administration are working to repeal almost all of Obama's climate agenda, including the Clean Power Plan, which represented the bulk of the policies to reach the goal.

"A number of large companies are calling on President Trump to remain in the agreement because they stand to make a lot of money, stamp out their smaller competitors, and negotiate for their own special handouts", Pyle, who headed the Energy Department transition team for Trump, told TheDCNF.

"The United States made more substantial commitments - which the Trump administration is abandoning - because the United States, on a per capita basis, is a much bigger polluter than either country", the Washington Post Fact Checker said. In January, China's National Energy Administration outlined a plan to make massive investments in clean energy through 2020, even as President Trump has focused nearly exclusively on supporting the fossil fuel industry.

"It's a bad deal for America", he continued.

President Obama had pledged to the globalist community that America would reduce carbon emissions to almost 30 percent below 2005 levels within a decade.

Some argue not pulling out the Paris agreement would be largely symbolic, since Trump's already begun to roll back Obama-era regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They're expected to decide before a G-7 summit in late May.



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