Security logistics loom if guns are allowed at Iowa Capitol


Security logistics loom if guns are allowed at Iowa Capitol

House File 517 reached the governor's desk this week.

"Just signed HF517, making Iowa one of the most pro-2nd amendment states in the country", Branstad posted to social media. The Senate passed the measure last month.

Stand Your Ground - Under HF 517 a law-abiding citizen would have no duty to retreat from any place where the person is lawfully present before using force to defend themselves. Many states also have enacted laws prohibiting the government from seizing people's guns during state emergencies, after officials confiscated weapons during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. They say it will lead to racial tensions and increase gun violence.

Aside from the stand-your-ground provision, most states with significant rural areas already allow children to possess firearms, Cottrol said. "And I think everybody's really excited".

"There is no credible research that indicates deregulation of public carrying of concealed firearms reduces violent crime or curtails mass shootings", Webster wrote.

The House approved the bill Wednesday 65-32 to limit pain and suffering payouts at $250,000 in most cases of medical malpractice and create standards for expert witnesses testifying in such cases.

"Onward and upward", said Barry Snell, executive director of the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

"The question becomes, 'Is someone adversely affected if they want to go in there and are not allowed to carry a gun?'" Ferguson said.

"This bill has been a work in progress for many years", Windschitl said.

Finally, the law strikes gun-free zones at the state capitol, expands Fourth Amendment search and seizure protections for those carrying firearms, scraps the state ban on short barreled rifles and shotguns, and prevents officials from restricting the carry of firearms during a state of emergency.

He also praised the bill's managers, Sen.



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