Richard Simmons hospitalized for severe indigestion


Simmons reportedly was hospitalized in June after behaving strangely and becoming incoherent at his Hollywood Hills home and being admitted to Cedars-Sinai medical center for observation.

Spokesman Michael Catalano has told ABC News US his client has been taken to an undisclosed hospital in California, "After a few days of battling severe indigestion and discomfort".

Fitness guru Richard Simmons was hospitalized for indigestion on Monday, his rep confirmed.

Simmons, 68, recently became the subject of widespread discussion following the release of a podcast investigating his sudden and unexplained retreat from the public eye.

Simmons is also keeping busy with a new business deal that involves "merchandising, endorsements and licensing opportunities". "And Frank got bored and he was back for 20 years". "You know, I do what I want to do as I've always done, so people should sort of just believe what I have to say because, like, I'm Richard Simmons!" he said at the time. He has paved the way for every subsequent fitness personality in this country, yet none of them have matched the impact of Richard's indelible imprint on America's psyche'.

"Richard made a choice".

The interest surrounding Simmons' disappearance resulted in the star gracing the cover of a recent issue of People magazine, with the story delving into his whereabouts, though Simmons declined to participate in the story.

Catalano meanwhile bemoaned what he said were "a lot of the mistruths" in the podcast, which he believes 'didn't really uncover or reveal anything new that hasn't been reported previously'. That's what Richard's mission has always been'.

He's expected to make a full recovery.



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