Palestinians ask Red Cross to intervene in hunger strike


Palestinians ask Red Cross to intervene in hunger strike

But while the New York Times chose to poison the well for Marwan Barghouti, it has taken the opposite position in disclosing the backgrounds of many of its pro-Israel commentators.

The youth contingent of the National Unity Party is cooking a massive barbecue on Thursday, upwind from the prison in which over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners are holding a hunger strike. He said the government will not negotiate with the prisoners.

Barghouti rose to prominence as a Palestinian leader during the Second Intifada in the early 2000s when he commanded the Tanzim, a terror gang that gained notoriety by attacking Israeli motorists along major highways in Judea and Samaria and retreating quickly to the cover of Palestinian civilian territory. Israeli authorities have long claimed that Barghouti is responsible for several acts of terrorism, and he was finally arrested in Ramallah by Israeli Defense Forces in 2002.

Israel's U.N. Ambassador Danny Danon called Barghouti "a terrorist and a murderer" who had a fair and open trial. Nonetheless, the judge sentenced Barghouti to five consecutive life sentences plus forty years. Barghouti was an outspoken supporter of armed resistance when the Oslo process collapsed.

The publication actually only went part of the way to "correct the issue".

The inmates' unity is most likely due to the high consideration Barghouti enjoys among the Palestinian population.

The liberal newspaper had to issue an editors' note after multiple commenters blasted their labeling of him as a "Palestinian leader and parliamentarian". A 2014 Palestinian Center for Public Opinion poll showed that he would defeat President Abbas by a smaller margin, showing he has gained momentum over the years.

"Sinn Féin Republican Youth sends solidarity to all Palestinian political prisoners including those now on Hunger Strike".

His leadership of the latest prisoners' hunger strike comes on the heels of his finishing first in the Fatah Central Committee elections in December, cementing his status as the most popular Palestinian political figure, while being sidelined two months ago by the current leadership as Mahmoud Abbas chose Mahmoud al-Aloul as Fatah's first vice president. So the question, without taking a position on whether or not political violence is ever justified, is why the Times feels compelled to take a different stance when it comes to Palestinian contributors. The main objective is to achieve the particular demands of the strike. "I don't think he needs any leniency".

Even with growing public support and global attention, Barghouti faces a number of challenges in becoming the next Palestinian leader.

"Calling Barghouti a "political leader" is like calling Assad a 'pediatrician, ' Netanyahu added".

Should not the Times have also noted that in his original indictment Mr. Barghouti was charged with 26 murders, but that the court dismissed 21 of them for lack of evidence? Omitted from the response was the additional fact that Kershner's son was actively serving in the Israeli army during its 2014 Gaza massacre. The succulent aroma of cooking meat will waft through Ofer Prison where the prisoners, most wanted for security offenses against Israelis, are protesting for better conditions.

On Tuesday, Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan told Israeli public radio that Barghouti was "instigating mutiny and leading the hunger strike and that is a severe violation of the rules of the prison". "Barghouti doesn't only believe in violence, he also believes that it's permissible to lie".



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