Pakistan says Indian spy facing death has right to appeal


Pakistan says Indian spy facing death has right to appeal

Jhadav, who was arrested in Pakistan for espionage and sabotage activities, has been handed down death sentence by the military court.

Growing by 14%, exports from Pakistan to India amounted to United States dollars 286 million in July-February.

"His confessional statement was recorded before a magistrate; a qualified officer was provided to defend him throughout proceedings; all statements of witnesses were recorded under oath in the presence of accused and Jadhav was allowed to ask questions from witnesses", he added. Just $5 a month.

Aziz also said that Indian statements on the issue could lead to diplomatic tensions.

Before Kulbhushan's sentence was announced on April 10, India had issued 13 requests to Pakistan for consular access in the last one year.

Condemning baseless allegations from India, Aziz said it was non-cooperation and lack of Indian response to Pakistan's request for legal assistance, due to which consular access has not been provided to Yadav.

India said on Thursday that it is engaged in efforts to bring back an alleged Indian spy sentenced to death in Pakistan, who it reiterated is innocent of the charges hurled at him.

Over the a year ago, the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav has witnessed several twists and turns. The officials said that 30 Pakistani spies who are now undergoing trial in various cases have been provided with consular access whenever sought.

"What the dossier contained was not enough".

"They (the US) have taken action against a terrorist organisation which they have already been doing".

India had acknowledged that Jadhav had served with the navy but denied that he has any connection with the government.

The Indian envoy retorted that the question on the disappearance of Lt. Col Habib Zahir should be asked to the Pakistan Army. In sentencing the Indian "spy", Bajwa is precariously testing Modi's red-lines, waiting along with the rest of the world to see what Modi's next step will be.

Aziz claimed that due process was followed in the trials that led to awarding death sentence to Jadhav for espionage and subversive activities in Pakistan.

At its core, it seems like there are two resolutions to the crisis that has erupted in the aftermath of the Jadhav verdict.

Meanwhile, India is examining different options for appeals through a legal process in Pakistan, taking cue from the lessons learned from the case of another Indian national in Pakistan's military court, Hamid Ansari.

The trade balance was in favour of India, it noted. Furthermore, by elevating his case, the Army's case for a stronger hand in Balochistan - not to mention, a more direct role in the implementation of CPEC - is made as well.

Imports from India in 2015-16 were worth over four times the exports from Pakistan. "We will consider it as murder of an Indian national".



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