Packaged salads recalled after a dead bat was found inside


Packaged salads recalled after a dead bat was found inside

Out of an abundance of caution, Fresh Express has made a decision to voluntarily recall all Organic Marketside Spring Mix, a salad mix commonly found in Wal-Mart supermarkets, after two customers reported find the putrefied remains of a bat in their pre-packaged salad.

Several agencies have joined forces as part of an investigation into the discovery of a dead bat that was allegedly found in a packaged salad in Florida, authorities said. The carcass was sent to the CDC for testing to see if it had rabies, but the bat was too deteriorated to rule out the disease.

On Saturday, Fresh Express issued a recall of the Organic Marketside spring mix that were sold in a clear plastic container.

The batch of recalled salads went to Walmart stores in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

The CDC said the two people report being in good health and the risk of rabies transmission is very low, but because the chance isn't zero, it is recommending the two begin rabies treatment. According to the CDC the people are fine and show no sign of contracting rabies. "CDC is not aware of any other reports of bat material found in packaged salads". The production code was G089B19 and it had a best-if-used-by-date of April 14 on the front label.

No other Marketside salads are included in the recall.

The recall concerns 5 oz.

The products were sold exclusively at Walmart stores in the Southeast. As for the Fresh Express salad mix, you can contact the company and ask if you can get a refund.

Consumers who may have already purchased the recalled product should discard and not consume it.



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