Overwatch Uprising Event Now Live, Ends on May 1st


Blizzard started teasing a new event for the game last week when the game developer announced that new details would be released on April 11th 2017.

The main event is a new PvE game mode that lets four players cooperate to break through the Omnic occupation of London, and you can play it through the end of the month.

Players, who will take on the role of either Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy, or Torbjörn, will need to work together to fight against waves upon waves of Omnics, including two-legged robot beasts and Omnics with shields. There is also a bunch of cool new outfits and other brand new elements to look forward to, including new "skins, intro screens, emotes, tags", and a lot more (via Gamespot). As a result, Blizzard has to fill in the gaps with these events and this time, it would seem that the story centers around the incident called the Omnic Uprising.

Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch has received its newest event with Uprising.

The rest of the Insurrection update appears to share the several-years-ago theme, which makes for some exciting new skins and sprays.

Like previous Overwatch updates this one will only run for a select few weeks, ending on May 1.

The new skins to be featured in "Overwatch Insurrection".

Meanwhile, many people attempting to log in will be presented with a message that they are in queue, with some ridiculous number of people ahead of them (mine says 50,000, currently). Also, the new game event's trailer hinted that the content could have a new game mode just like its predecessors where enemy hordes will come swarming in at the same time. You have Morrison-era Soldier: 76 and Ana Amari giving you orders over comms, so the mode is a must-play for anyone with an interest in Overwatch lore.



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