NY State Legislature avoids government shutdown


NY State Legislature avoids government shutdown

It wasn't yet clear Friday if lawmakers would work through the night to at least pass the government operations part of the budget, which by next week would be needed to pay the state's regular recurring bills including payroll.

"This commonsense amendment would simply make New York State finally take responsibility for their own budgeting instead of passing these costs down to the county level", said Congresswoman Stefanik.

New York's Democratic Congressional delegation is pressing a measure to prevent federal Medicaid funding cuts to the state. Genesee County Manager Jay Gsell said it's gotten too partisan, too political and too personal. New York's breakdown is 50 percent federal, with the rest split between the state and county governments.

Reluctant state senators on Monday passed an emergency budget extension proposed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sidestep the looming government shutdown resulting from gridlock in Albany.

The extender bills were introduced Monday morning, and they will keep government operating until May 31.

Top lawmakers say there's still no deal on a state budget for NY state as a key deadline approaches. The Legislature is set to start a two-week break Thursday. Neil Breslin remarked at about 4:30 in the afternoon when Senate Democrats said they were leaving until Sunday evening.

Shortly after midnight, Cuomo's office released a statement, saying he was giving the Republican-controlled Senate and Democratically-controlled Assembly until Monday to pass the budget.

Those policies include raising the age of criminal responsibility to 18. Unprepared to manage the criminal justice system, poor New Yorkers lose their jobs, homes, and families while often languishing in pretrial detention because their lawyers don't have the time or resources to work on their cases.

"I agree that there is uncertainty", Sen.

"It is likely some state employees could get their pay later than usual due to the late passage of the extender", said Jennifer Freeman, spokeswoman for state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

The "Raise the Age" measure emerged as a major holdup.

"I think there's certain issues both sides feel strongly about and feel the greatest likelihood of success in achieving those ends is to do it in the budget because it's obvious we have to do a budget, " Morelle said.

Without an agreement, other issues hang in the balance: legalizing ride-hailing upstate, providing free SUNY tuition to income-eligible students and requiring local governments to share more services. Cuomo is gearing up for running for a third term in 2018 and is also mentioned as a potential presidential candidate in 2020.

"It's Albany dysfunction at its worst and is an embarrassment", said Assemblyman Raymond Walter, a Buffalo-area Republican.

There was no doubt that the talks over the late budget - already the latest in Cuomo's tenure - had been grueling, and an inspiration for gallows humor.

Top lawmakers had expressed optimism that they could reach a deal before the late budget impacted state payroll and spending.

Mr. Cuomo justified this plan on the notion that NY is a "donor state", one that contributes much more to the federal government in taxes than it receives.



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