No Bull: West Virginia Governor Vetoes Budget


No Bull: West Virginia Governor Vetoes Budget

Underneath those plate covers, Justice revealed a "nothing-burger", mayonnaise sandwich, and finally a pile of cow dung on top of the budget bill.

"We don't have a nothing burger today, and we don't have a mayonnaise sandwich today", Justice said. It also takes $90 million from the state's Economic Stabilization Fund, better known as the Rainy Day Fund.

Justice then proclaimed he'd veto the budget, which WV Metro News reported didn't include his tax increases on sales, businesses and the rich. 484, could be the starting point for budget negotiations moving forward, said Ted Boettner, executive director of the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, a nonprofit policy research organization that has analyzed the budget proposals.

His proposed 4.5 cents-a-gallon gas tax hike would help fund bonding for road reconstruction, a signature program of Justice's that he has said would create thousands of jobs.

The veto means the Legislature will have to be called into special session to pass a budget.

Lawmakers would need a two-thirds majority to override the governor's veto.

A House analysis describes legislators' $4.1 billion general revenue budget as $60 million lower than the current budget. Public broadcasting would have lost $1 million.

'The Republicans passed this budget and called and called and called and said: "Surely you are going to veto this because we don't want to own it". "We can not continue to spend taxpayer dollars at the same level while our revenue collections decrease". He urged everyone to begin working together and "we'll stop the bull crap".

"It was the greatest deal in the history of the world", Justice said.



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