Microsoft Surface CloudBook Could Be It's Answer to Google Chromebook


Microsoft Surface CloudBook Could Be It's Answer to Google Chromebook

The Windows 10 Cloud project is essentially another version of the Windows 10 OS, but it will allow downloading apps from the Windows Store, and you can't install any of the third-party apps.

This is quite consistent with the discussion between Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president in Microsoft's Operating Systems Group, and Mashable. Just last week, we began to roll out the latest version of Windows 10: the Windows 10 Creators Update. This has led to speculation that the company could launch its Windows 10 Cloud OS and a Cloud based Surface device which will undoubtedly provide competition towards Google's Chromebook offerings.

For more than a year now, consumers have been waiting for Microsoft to release the much-hyped Surface Phone.

Now Microsoft appears to aiming at the other end of the market. This feature runs the Edge browser in a virtual machine, separate from the rest of the operating system, to protect the device from any web-based malware. However, reports suggest that a Surface Phone launch remains unlikely. So far the big rumor about the Surface Book 2 has been a change in form factor.

At the same time, Apple and Google have also come a long way in recent years and the market is getting more competitive. And I'll see you in the next one b... bye! The Windows 10 maker has been sending out invites for a May 2 event and from the looks of it the event education-focused.

According to a rumor, the company might come up with a revised version of the Surface Pro, hybrid of tablet and ultraportable. Till then, let's wait for May 2 event. Strangely, only certain Windows Phone devices will get the Windows 10 Creators Update. IT administrators are an important audience for Microsoft as it continues its quest of pushing Windows 10 to a billion machines, and it's appealing to that group with a new way to make the Settings app work better for larger organizations.

We may have confirmation that Surface Pro 5 exists and that it will be featuring Intel Kaby Lake processor, but it is still not confirmed when the tablet will be released because latest reports indicate that though there is a Microsoft event on May 2, it doesn't involve a Surface Pro 5.

Forbes says that a preview the publication went hands on with showed a striped down verison of Widnows that is meant only for running Universal Windows platform apps that are designed for both desktop and mobile devices.



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