Man Gets Run Over By Deer Making A Run For It


Man Gets Run Over By Deer Making A Run For It

McCook was being dropped off outside a hotel by a coworker in British Columbia, Canada, when it happened.

But, it happened on April Fool's Day, so everyone thought he was joking.

Cary sustained a sore shoulder but was otherwise unharmed.

Speaking about the impact he said that "I know some guys can hit but not like a deer".

In the video, McCook doesn't see the deer coming until it's too late.

The deer knocked McCook on the ground, but he was able to pop back up. Eventually the hotel where he was attacked pulled some surveillance footage and discovered that McCook was telling the truth.

A deer aggressively rammed into a cross country runner in November during a race in the countryside of Pennsylvania.

"Then I put the video on Facebook and it automatically took off going viral", said McCook.

McCook exited the vehicle and noticed a deer running straight towards him.

The Web site features the video under the headline "Man Trucked by Deer", while the CBC Radio went with the more family friendly headline: "Bam! I got hit by Bambi".



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