Made Tremendous Progress In Ties With China: Donald Trump


President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping established a new framework for high-level negotiations on a range of issues and pledged to make progress on trade negotiations within the next 100 days during meetings here Thursday and Friday, top U.S. officials said.

CGTN's Nathan King reports from Palm Beach in Florida. At least seven people were killed and another nine wounded in the US air strike, according to the Syrian military.

Both Xi and Trump brought their top officials to the meeting. Chinese state media reported that Trump has accepted an invitation from Xi to visit China later in return for his hospitality.

Trump, meanwhile, was accompanied by a good portion of his Cabinet: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (who greeted Xi at the airport), Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and Defense Secretary James Mattis, as well as National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - President Trump's White House isn't ready to talk on television about its military strike against Syria - unless they're talking to Fox News.

For his part, Xi was expected to seek assurances that Trump will not interfere in the territorial dispute over the South China Sea or question the "One China" policy by reaching out to Taiwan's leader again, as Trump did during the transition. Just $5 a month. "The relationship developed by President Xi and myself, I think, is outstanding". "The propaganda apparatus is going to be cautious about being too critical about US actions while Xi is in America", said Bishop, who writes the influential Sinocism blog.

Instead of President Obama, it's President Trump.

Update: In remarks to reporters made after this piece was published, Tillerson confirmed that the US and China have officially adopted this framework as the new high-level bilateral dialogue platform.

Mr. Trump said Thursday the surprise attack was retaliation for Syria President Bashar Assad's apparent hand in a chemical attack earlier this week that killed more than 80 people in northwestern Syria.

Also in their talks, Xi told Trump that Beijing welcomes Washington to participate in cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. No new deals or concrete proposals were unveiled at the meeting, however.

Disagreements over approaches to North Korea or bilateral trade could, if mishandled, destabilize North East Asia or tank the global economy.

The president has said that if China doesn't exert more pressure on North Korea, the US will act alone. -China cooperation on non-proliferation.

Although differences remain - trade and currency among the major thorny issues - both sides have acknowledged the necessity to solve them through constructive dialogue.

There may also be offers to further open China's auto and agricultural markets, insiders say, and even some concessions on Chinese banks' transactions with North Korea, a vital financial lifeline for the country. He says the two issues "really do mix".

So far, Mr. Trump has not clarified whether Thursday's strikes were a one-off response to the chemical attack or the start of more direct US involvement.

One other phrase was notable for its absence.

Taking action against North Korea has been a sticking point in USA talks with the Chinese.

"My representatives have been meeting one-on-one with their counterparts from China".

Some allies renewed their calls for a leadership change in Damascus, although officials in the Trump administration did not portray the strikes as the start of a broader campaign. Spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters that Chinese officials "oppose the use of chemical weapons by any country, organization or person for any objective and under any circumstance" and that China "supports relevant United Nations agencies in carrying out independent and comprehensive investigations into all uses or suspected uses of chemical weapons and, on the basis of solid evidence, reaching a conclusion which can stand the test of history and facts".



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