Lady Gaga debuts new song called The Cure at Coachella music festival


Give us your thoughts on the new single and her choice of debut venues (below)! Gaga's performance at Coachella is part of her Joanne World Tour.

Gaga worked on the new single with ARTPOP collaborator DJ White Shadow. Get excited, because we EXCLUSIVELY learned what Gaga has in store, & you'll love it!

What, like she wasn't going to give fans some kind of extra treat during her Coachella performance?

"The Cure" is out now, so you can listen to it on repeat until your friends and family know all of the words, or are totally sick of you.

Then there's the chorus, when Gaga belts out, "If I can't find the cure/I'll, I'll fix you with my love/And if you say you're okay/I'm gonna heal you anyway/Promise I'll always be there/Promise I'll be the cure". The song seems to be a flashback to Gaga's earlier hits. Throughout the chorus, she promises to be a cure to those who can't seem to find a cure or some sort of an escape from their issues. We can hear this song blowing up the airwaves as it's very much pop with a tropical feel. In addition to her new single, Gaga also performed a slew of her past tracks, including "Yoü And I", "Alejandro", "Telephone", a downtempo version of "Edge of Glory" and an uptempo version of "Million Reasons" from her 2016 album Joanne. It's a surprise, that's for sure...



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