John Cena Wants To Make A Movie With Future Wife Nikki Bella


John Cena Wants To Make A Movie With Future Wife Nikki Bella

Time has come for John Cena and Nikki Bella to be engaged. I like to be a businesswoman and I want to focus on that and I fully respect John's decision on why he doesn't want to be a dad. She wants to be around supportive people and Brie says she should talk it out with Nattie. Not only does it reduce Nikki's accomplishments-the return from injury, her record-breaking Divas Championship run, a producing credit on Total Divas, her lingerie line-but it makes the other women look petty for concerning themselves with someone else's love life.

Nikki is only a few days into being a fiance, so she's still trying to soak in what her and John's future will be like as husband and wife.

Most importantly, Total Bullshit presupposes that Cena and Bella are a couple for the cameras, that the way their relationship furthers their brand is more important to them than the relationship itself.

Now the Total Divas star is showing off her ring and talking about the proposal with John in an exclusive E! Children are not in the cards for Nikki and John.

After the proposal, Brie Bella took to YouTube to share her excitement.

She also said the company will never pair the likes of Roman Reigns with a girl because the macho feeling of the star could be taking away.

I've been waiting so long to ask you this.

"The time is were kinda glassy, in and out. And then Tyler, just how, dressing like me and everything he did, you know, I got to spear him, and give him my finisher".

Bella, in an interview with FoxSports, said that the federation did not allow the 16-time WWE champion and herself to disclose their relationship to the WWE universe.

After his mixed tag team match with now fiancé Nikki Bella, Cena got down on one knee and proposed in front of the entire world.

According to Nikki, she was completely caught off guard and she was in shock when he proposed to her.

On top of several big films coming out - and requiring promotion work - Cena has landed one of the starring roles in the Universal Pictures comedy The Pact, which is tentatively scheduled to film from April 19th through June 9th.



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