IPhone Thief Outsmarted at Coachella Music Festival


A NY man was arrested for allegedly stealing more than 100 cell phones at the recent Coachella Festival.

During the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival over the weekend, a group of concert-goers discovered their cellphones had vanished. But, they then started tracking their devices using the Find My iPhone and all the phones pointed towards Reinaldo de Jesus Henao, a 36-year old man from NY.

Over 100 smartphones were stolen from attendees, with Indio Police saying that several of them activated the "Find my iPhone" app in order to find and follow the suspect. Henao didn't turn off the phones after taking them, which allowed users to pinpoint his location.

"People who lost their phones, or had them stolen, were tracking it", said Little. They pretty much included halter tops, feathers, short shorts and the most retro frames you can find.

He was subsequently arrested by police who found more than 100 cellphones in his backpack, officials said.

Meanwhile, Henao is believed to have been charged with grand theft and receiving stolen property. Records from the Correctional Facility in Banning indicated Henao was released after posting $10,000 bail on Saturday.

Whether Henao traveled to the festival with the sole intention of stealing the phones is unclear, though going on stealing spree doesn't seem like something you'd do on an impulse.



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